Singita Castleton Lodge, Africa’s signature Exclusive Use Safari

By Krissy at Villa Secrets  22 Jan 2016

Singita Castleton Sabi Sand

The Historical Castleton Home in Sabi Sand

The Singita Castleton at the heart of the Sabi Sand Reserve was built 1970. It is formerly the Bailes family residence that was transformed to a private safari lodge in 2000. This exclusive use country home is a haven rich in history surrounded by 45,000 acres of land. It’s situated in the South African savannah next to Kruger National Park.

A Secluded Sanctuary in the Savannah

The Singita Castleton is a retreat in the tropical grasslands of South Africa. It is a serene location where you will discover peace as well as relaxation in a home in the wilderness. A place where there is an abundance of flora and fauna. You see you are given the chance to uncover and observe what nature has to offer.

Country Rustic CharmSingita Castleton

Safari Lodge with a Country Rustic Charm

The Singita Castleton brings together the rustic country farm house charm blended with the safari lifestyle. It‘s apparent in the outdoor living areas as well as the indoor spaces. You are instantly at ease as you settle in because of the tranquil setting. You have a sense of being a part of the family. This makes it all more special.

Classic Interiors as well as Creature Comforts

The Singita Castleton includes a main house with shared living areas. The setting reminds one of an ancestral home with a country feel. The design elements from the olden days and the comforts of living in the present featured in this indoor dining area. The classic interiors are timeless and elegant still mirroring the beauty and spirit of the past.

Home Bedroom Singita Castleton

The Luxury of a Country Home Bedroom

The Singita Castleton has six private cottages and houses up to a dozen guests. All of which are positioned within the property but each separate from the main house. This cottage’s bedroom has flagstone floors as well as quaint country furniture. The walls display distinctive botanical art. Not only that the traditional woodwork gives it a warm and cosy ambiance.

Elegant Private Bath in the Castleton Cottage

All the cottages include a private bath. Take your time and soak in the tub. The interiors is still country themed with traditional as well modern fixtures and woodwork. Botanical art references are hanging on both sides of the door adding character to the room. The light walls brighten the room adorned with vintage touches as well as natural elements.

Singita Castleton Castleton Cottage
Swimming Pool Sabi Sand Reserve

A Swimming Pool in the Sabi Sand Reserve

At Singita Castleton in Sabi Sand the swimming pool is at the front lawn. From there you have a view of the open grassland as well as the Castleton dam. It’s a soothing environment with the grounds and garden covered in greenery. Here’s the really great part. A dip in the pool will keep you refreshed during warm lazy afternoons.

Life and Leisure at the Singita Castleton

There are plenty of leisure activities offered at Singita Castleton. If you want to play tennis there is a private court as well as a tennis pavilion. Have fun with the kids on the trampoline. There is a private gym if you want to work out while on vacation. There is a spa where you can relieve all your tensions.

Tennis pavilion Singita Castleton
Hearty South African Meals Castleton

Hearty South African Meals at the Castleton

Singita Castleton serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus beverages. Guests can also gather for a South African ‘boma’. Premium wine, spirits, and liqueurs are also on the drink list. Kosher and Halaal food is available with additional charge, make sure to book in advance. A host, chef as well as the house staff are ready to help anyway they can.

The Vast South African Landcape at Sabi Sand

Staying at Singita Castleton in the Sabi Sand Reserve you will see species of animals come together near the lodge. Game drives and walking safaris are also offered. Spot a Leopard, Rhino, Hippopotamus, Cheetah, Elephant or Hyena and other wildlife. It’s a year-round destination for the whole family. The months April to October are the ideal time for game viewing.

South African Landcape Sabi Sand

By Krissy at Villa Secrets  22 Jan 2016