by Stefan Antoni

Cape Town's First Diamond Rated Villa

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Location : Clifton

Rated : Diamond (7 Star)

Bedrooms : Six

Price : £3,000 to £5,000 p/n

Cape Town Luxury Villa by Stefan Antoni

Gaze out across the clear Blue Ocean and from time
to time catch sight of Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales.

Clifton Villa Lounge Area

Enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace or watch the sun go down
from the comfort of your own balcony, you can be sure that your every need is taken care of.

Clifton Luxury Villa Living Area

Step back, relax, soak up and invigorate your senses with
the natural scenery right in the lap of luxury.

Cape Town Luxury Villa in Clifton

Opulent furnishings and contemporary décor gloriously
bathed in sunlight, total serenity at its finest.

Cape Town Luxury Villa in Clift

Nothing is overlooked as visitors enjoy all the facilities
and amenities they could possibly need during their stay,
be it for business or pleasure, Pentagon has it all.

Clifton Luxury Villa in Cape Town

Delicious food, good wine - enjoy cozy intimate evenings or
fun and comfortable gatherings with friends and family.

Clifton Luxury Villa Open Dining Area

An artful blend of modern comfort and luxury essentials,
your home away from home.

Why The Pentagon Villa in Clifton is voted No 1 in Cape Town

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 22 Jan 2016

Clifton’s Exquisite Pentagon Villa by Stefan Antoni

Seaside living is at its finest at the Pentagon Villa. A magnificent home designed by architect Stefan Antoni set upon the hills of the Lions Head Nature Reserve. A first-rate villa located at Nettleton Road. It is Cape Town, South Africa’s elite and sought after address. A place conveniently situated near the beach, restaurants, and the Cape Town City Centre.

A Cape Town Luxury Villa with Modish Features

The Pentagon Villa’s brightly painted walls and the open spaces exhibit its contemporary features. The ample lighting, both natural and artificially sourced, adds drama to the lavish setting. Subtle colour shifts, soft and patterned details are observed in the entire villa. From the open floor planned living areas is a striking vista of the mountains, the seascape and the horizon.

Cape Town Luxury Villa in Clifton
Cape Town Luxury Villa by Stefan Antoni

A Seaside Getaway Facing the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean greets you as you settle in the Pentagon Villa. While getting comfortable on the huge couch you are treated to a sweeping view of the azure waters. This is your home by the sea where you can relax, take it easy. But keep in mind that this is just one of the remarkable facets of the property.

A Well-Lit Dining Area to Share Meals

Meals, no matter what time of the day, are always a delight at the Pentagon Villa. The contemporary elements in the dining area are present in the sleek and chic table and chair designs as well as the red and black ceiling lights. Not only that, there are two fully equipped kitchens where breakfast, lunch or dinner can be prepared.

Clifton Luxury Villa Open Dining Area

Pentagon Villa in Cape Town by Stefan Antoni

Clifton Luxury Villa Living Area

Comfortable Lounge Areas Everywhere You Go at Pentagon

Fact is all rooms at the Pentagon provide you with the warmth and comfort you yearn for. The soft and cosy couches give that laid back feel. In other words it is like being at home. The wood panels, table top sculptures, and detailed fixtures enhance the living spaces. Everywhere you go you will surely find a place to rest.

Coastal Contemporary Villa with a Homey Atmosphere

The Pentagon has a bright colour scheme with dark neutral shades creating a balance in every room. The details and textures of the furnishings as well as the fixtures complete its contemporary aesthetic. One of its unique features is its fully automated curtains and lighting systems. The estate also includes an infinity pool as well as a Zen like garden.

Clifton Luxury Villa in Cape Town
Clifton Villa Lounge Area

A Peaceful Sanctuary That Improves Overall Well-Being

As if that’s not enough the exclusive Pentagon Villa is a refuge for those longing for an escape from the city. It offers respite where you can be free from all your anxieties. The atmosphere reduces all your stress and tension. The indoor garden bed and the natural surrounding help improve your mood, clear your mind and restore the body.

Offering the Best in a Prime and Pristine Location

You see the Pentagon Villa has a sophisticated design. It combines the traditional and unconventional approach to contemporary living. A perfect example is this modern wicker chair paired with a desk in a room with wooden panels and a snug patio sun bed overlooking the sea. What’s more it has air conditioning and heating throughout with complete amenities and facilities.

Cape Town Luxury Villa in Clift

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 22 Jan 2016