Singita Explore, An African Safari Luxury Camp I will Go Back To

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 17 Feb 2016

Singita ExploreTanzania

Discovering Africa’s Untouched Beauty at Singita Explore

Singita Explore is about journeying to the rolling plains of Tanzania. Every day as well as each night you uncover the untamed secrets of the Serengeti. This is an exclusive camp offering creature comforts, ruggedly living in style in the African wilderness. It’s an immersion to the great outdoors with an experience that will forever be etched on your mind.

Outdoor Dining as well as Sharing Sumptuous Meals

Dining outdoors at Singita Explore is a shared experience, with the people around you and with nature. Everyone feels a sense of belonging being part of this intimate community. The camp staff always ready to help. Nature also influences what is served on the plate. The inherent flavours and textures of the meals prepared by the chef livens the senses.

Singita Explore Outdoor Dining
Singita Explore Serengeti

The Open Lounge Areas at Singita Explore

The interiors as well as the lounge areas at Singita Explore present a casual and dynamic atmosphere. The camp host is also on standby to answer all your queries. Cool down and relax at the alfresco living areas set on the African grasslands. And there’s something else. The overall design concept features materials such as rubber, leather, canvass and steel.

Campfires and Treats in the African Savanna

Sitting by the campfire is what everyone looks forward to during the Serengeti nights. A stew pot as well as sticks with treats are heated by fire and wood. You see this is why Singita Explore is beyond compare. You hear the nocturnal creatures come to life in the African Savannah. You are exposed to nature and all its elements.

Campfires Singita Explore
Serengeti Explore Safari Adventures

Safari Adventures Set on the Serengeti Plains

Serengeti Explore allows you to have a personal adventure in the wilderness of Tanzania. What is most thrilling is you reside on the African plains, home to a variety of wildlife. Game drives can also be arranged, professional guides will accompany you. They are familiar with the vast terrains. They know where the animals are and which direction they take.

Bedroom Tents Inspired by the African Safari Lifestyle

Singita Explore has six en-suite bedroom tents, your private hideout in the wilderness of Serengeti. The design features all the conveniences of camping. Functionality of the furnishings considered for comfortable outdoor living. The essentials all covered keeping in mind your individual needs. This is the real meaning of camping in style with contemporary details integrated completing the African safari lifestyle.

Bedroom Singita Explore
African Grasslands Singita Explore

Amazing Daybreaks in the Eastern African Grasslands

Mornings are at delight at Singita Explore. Rise and shine, you don’t want to miss the beautiful sunrise. The fire burning signals the beginning of a new day at the camp site. You connect deeply with nature marvelling at the sweeping landscape. Not only that you just might see a Lion, Buffalo, Cheetah, Maasai Giraffe, Elephant or a Bearded Wildebeest.

The One of a Kind Singita Explore Experience

Go on a wild adventure at Singita Explore. The animals in their natural habitat are just close by. It is a feast for the senses as the sights, smells, and the sounds are wonderfully unfamiliar. Camping in style has a new meaning as it provides everything you need and more. Enjoy and experience this safari lifestyle from June to February.

Singita Explore Experience

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 17 Feb  2016