Is Singita Boulders Lodge South Africa’s top Safari?

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 18 Jan 2016

boulders lodge private game reserve

Singita Boulders Lounge is an Oasis in South Africa

On the banks of the Sand River within the Sabi Sands Reserve is the Singita Boulders Lodge. Fact is it is an oasis in South Africa inspired by the natural shape and arrangement of the boulders where it is set. A remarkable sanctuary in a pristine location with organic interiors, well- lit living spaces as well as a dramatic landscape.

Living Areas that Mirror the Pristine Environment

The Singita Boulders Lodge interiors are in earth colours that seamlessly integrate organic materials and primal elements. Distinctly a celebration of nature’s inherent beauty its living spaces are unusually appealing with crafted and hand woven furnishings and fixtures. Its unique design concept brings the raw beauty of the African environment from outside within the spacious and comfortable lodge areas inside.

boulders lodge in sabi sands

boulders lodge in singta

Relaxing and Bathing in a Lush Setting

While staying at the Singita Boulders Lodge you have an outstanding vista of the lush vegetation even while you bathe. You will be delighted with this magnificent scene even as you relax in the tub easing your tensions. Catch a glimpse of the terrain and the flowing river in this private and protected location in the wilderness of South Africa.

Soothing and Cosy Bedrooms at Singita Boulders Lodge

The Singita Boulders Lodge has one-bedroom suites as well as two-bedroom family suites. All of which includes a private infinity pool. The interiors are in calming neutral shades. The snug bed as well as the soft and textured pillows invites you to lie down and rest. It is a cosy retreat after an exhilarating day exploring the Sabi Sand Reserve.

singita boulders lodge

boulders lodge south africa

Lodgings with an Open View of the Landscape

Want to know the best part? There are glass walls as well as open-air living areas at the Singita Boulders Lodge. Set your eyes on the terrific scenery at the Sabi Sand Reserve from all angles. You can see the stretch of land, the flowing river and the flourishing flora as well as the animals that call this place home.

Extraordinary Home in the Sabi Sand Reserve

What makes the Singita Boulders Lodge different is its aesthetics. Shades of charcoal, copper and bark as well as burnt colours and dyed fabrics accentuate all the living spaces. The uncommon features of the furniture and fittings, its peculiar shapes and quality, make the place stunning and more appealing. It reflects the essence and energy of living in South Africa.

boulders lodge sabi sand reserve

boulders lodge dining bank of sand-river

Casual Dining on the Banks of Sand River

At the Singita Boulders Lodge you can have snacks or meals whenever you want. The spacious and bright dining area exhibits woodwork and natural materials that warm up the setting. The atmosphere is laid back and you have all you need. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner including drinks are prepared daily for guests. Also served are premium wines, spirits and liqueurs.

A Quiet and Peaceful Escape in South Africa

The key elements rock, water, fire and air are the inspiration behind the design of the Singita Boulders Lodge. It is located in the Sabi Sand Reserve with more than 45,000 acres of land. Not only that…it’s a getaway in the wilderness where you will find solace with nature, a site by the Sand River that will capture your heart.

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boulders lodge riverine safari

Riverine Safari Lodge in Sabi Sand Reserve

You can visit the Singita Boulders Lodge in Southern Africa any time of the year. Best time for game drives and viewing is from April to October. Walking and stargazing safaris can also be arranged. Animals you will probably see are Elephants, Buffalos, Leopards, Hyena, Nyala, Rhino, Cheetah, Reedbuck, Wild Dogs, Lion, and Species of Birds as well as Hippopotamus.


At Villa Secrets we are excited to present our clients with combinations of safari’s, beach resorts, private islands and of course Cape Town and Africa’s finest luxury villas.

At Villa Secrets we are excited to present our clients with combinations of safari’s, beach resorts, private islands and of course Cape Town and Africa’s finest luxury villas.


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Singita Boulders Lodge in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 18 Jan 2016

Looking for the perfect African Holiday Experience?

At Villa Secrets we are excited to present our clients with combinations of safari’s, beach resorts, private islands and of course Cape Town and Africa’s finest luxury villas.

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