Asset Value of the CTLV Website and Systems


Asset Value of the Cape Town Luxury Villas Website and Supporting Systems

By Nick Ray Ball 11th Feb 2016

Web development took 1,673 hours which is valued at $95,000.

The portfolio of villas in Cape Town, (which is now the largest of any agency), the supporting technologies, organic search engine position and the use of Cape as a staring point is valued at $94,000

On this page we see a series of videos that performs due diligence on the $189,000 estimate of the asset value of the Cape Town Luxury Villas website. We assess the value in two sections, first web development which took 1,673 hours and is valued at $95,000 and secondly the supporting technologies and organic search engine position which is valued at $94,000

(Note the value of the website and supporting systems changes during the series of videos, in particular the value attributed to free Google searches which rose after seeing that 28% of enquiries were free from google searches)

As a prequel we present a blog page about the history of the projects web designer and system architect Nick Ray Ball entitled Nick Ray Ball – 34 years of code.

1. Introduction to the cost for development of Cape Town Luxury Villas

In this introduction we talk mention our senior programmer is Zend certified and we look at 47 different aspects of the design and asset value of the Cape Town Luxury Villas website.

Seen within 6 sections: The (UI) User Interface, The (CMS) Content Management System, Web Technology & Software Framework, Other Items including, system architecture, design and project management. New developments developed in 2015 deployed in 2016 & Items that add value to the Cape Town Luxury Villas website

(Note one mistake, Google AdWords costs is 15% of turnover not income)

2. The UI (User interface), what clients and Google see.


In this video we look at the User Interface, sometimes called the front end. Specifically, we look at: The logo, header and footer, then the home and search pages, galleries within the navigation, the navigation and more options dropdown, the villa/product pages, the villas nearby display, the XML sitemap and the about us pages.

3. The CMS – Content Management System


In this video we look at the CMS, the Content Management Suite which includes options for: Villa search’s, adding villas general details, photos, prices, Google maps positioning, availability, sub menu creation, navigation system creation, the key word phrase organiser & an address book for safaris.

4. Web Technology – Software – Software Framework


In this video we look at additional CMS applications that go further that standard CMS’s. Software systems built into the fabric of Cape Town Luxury

Including: A API connection to Razor/MyBookingPal, an enquiry system with CRM (Customer Relationship management) functionality, an attractive and fun favourites system, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) auto generated meta title, description and H1 headers which interacts with an attributes system that assigns points and preferred position rules to each villa. We see how this places Cape Town Luxury Villas in positions 1 and 2 in Google Organic for long keyword phrases such as: ‘Villa, Cape Town, seven bedrooms, six star luxury, Camps Bay’

5. Other Items including, system architecture, design and project management


This section details: Stabilization& bug fixing, experiments, systems architecture, web & graphic design, project management, client liaison, info pages & the expandable framework

6. New developments developed in 2015 deployed in 2016


New development for Cape Town Luxury Villas, created in 2015 added in 2016. Includes: AdRoll ads, WordPress blogsite integrated into Cape Town Luxury Villas as the start of a significant content marketing strategy to increase links and visitors. Blogs, the creation of many social networks that automatically add posts each time a new blog is created. We are also in the process of adding a new footer including membership of ASTA and PRS, an addition to the home page and new about us pages.

7. Items that add value to the Cape Town Luxury Villas website


In this the last video we present the supporting technologies and organic search engine position seen through Google Analytics. We look specifically at the value of starting with the website, which had 11 years of development and consider the advantages of the system architect/webmaster knowing the industry first hand.
We put a value to the database of villas including 950 from over 400 from Razor by MyBookingPal and a further 165 villas added by the 2014/2015 management team. We place a value to the Google AdWords campaign which manages to place Cape Town Luxury Villas in the all-important top three positions for a far lower price than is paid by competitors, we consider brand awareness & data inputting. (Note Cape Town is the world’s most expensive location to advertise the word ‘villas,’ and yet for just 15% of turnover Cape Town Luxury Villas is prominent in all relevant searches.)

We also consider the Google Organic search placement and enquiries which Google Analytics shows to be 28% of enquiries and we consider some new SEO applications we are currently deploying.