Luxury Hotel by the Beach in Hermanus

The Birkenhead

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Location: Hermanus

Rated: Platinum Plus (6.5)

Price : Euro 8000 to Euro 30000 p/n*

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Why the Birkenhead House in Hermanus is the Ultimate Beach Hotel

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 16 Mar 2016

Spectacular Birkenhead House

The Spectacular Birkenhead House in the Coastal Town of Hermanus

When you reach the Birkenhead House perched on a cliff top on the shores of the town of Hermanus it’s simply amazing. You will get to this remarkable destination in South Africa in just an hour and a half drive from Cape Town. A luxury five-star beach house style hotel, it’s surrounded by mountains and looks out over Walker Bay.

An Impressive Central Courtyard near the Towering Mountain Range

Welcome to the awe-inspiring Birkenhead House. The central courtyard is equally exquisite and you can see its clean arrangement and sophisticated features. You have a view of the towering peaks behind the luxury hotel and it is picture perfect. It offers a beach environment with world-class accommodations and service for discerning travellers who want to spend their holidays in Hermanus.

Mountain Range Courtyard
Stunning Sitting Room

Elegant Suites Featuring the Classy Aesthetic of Owner Liz Baden

There are 11 stunning suites at Birkenhead House, all of which beautified by owner Liz Baden. This superior suite includes a magnificent sea facing balcony and a king size bed. Refined with classic touches, it’s in natural shades featuring timeless accent pieces such as a leather desk, hand-carved antique chair, and original paintings. It also has a freestanding Victorian bath.

The Five-Star Luxury Hotel Accommodations with a Delightful Bath

You will find this spacious and lovely bath at Birkenhead House. The en suite luxury bathroom is in soothing earth tones and it displays a pop of colour with a crimson chaise lounge at the centre. It includes a freestanding bathtub with a shape that works well with the floor tile pattern along with twin vanities plus a fabulous shower.

Five-Star Luxury Hotel
Champagne Birkenhead House

Champagne Air as well as Peaceful Waters of the town of Hermanus

And you’re going to love this. The Birkenhead House main deck is truly breathtaking. You have an unparalleled panorama of the tranquil waters of Hermanus. Known as the town with champagne air, this municipality is popular for its clean and fresh breeze. Overwhelmed by a sense of serenity you instantly relax, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the view.

The Luxury Hotel’s Grand Terrace with Nature’s Beauty on Display

Who wouldn’t love to extend their vacation in a place like this? The Birkenhead House seaside terrace is marvellous indeed. It is elegantly and meticulously designed in a phenomenal setting you will find hard to forget. Luxurious with comfortable cushioned sitting areas and outdoor lounge chairs, this corner of the beach hotel will without a doubt be your favourite hangout.

LuxuryHotel’s Grand Terrace
Dining Birkenhead House

Coastal Dining at the Birkenhead House in Hermanus, South Africa

This haven in Hermanus welcomes guests throughout the year. The Birkenhead House is a seaside five star luxury hotel where you can start your mornings by dining at the terrace. It’s a terrific spot to unwind and be inspired as soon as you wake up. The best part is everything is taken cared of including your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 16 Mar  2016