Why My African Safari to Singita Sweni Lodge is Breathtaking

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 24 Feb  2016

Singita Sweni Lodge

Living Peacefully with Nature at the Singita Sweni Lodge

Amid the South African woodlands in Kruger National Park is the Singita Sweni Lodge. The place is an exclusive sanctuary set on the banks of the Sweni River. Sitting amongst the trees it is a destination where the splendour of the outdoors is mirrored indoors. It is an intimate escape with nature in the African bush you should not miss.

A Magical Setting in Kruger National Park

Outdoor dining in the middle of nowhere is certainly a moment to be treasured. Eat hearty meals by the river in a magical forest setting in South Africa. It’s all about you with nature in the company of those you love the most. Such significant occasions are unforgettable. You have total exclusivity in the untouched wilderness at Singita Sweni Lodge.

sweni Kruger National Park
Singita Sweni Lodge Bedroom

Bedroom Suites within the Forest Grounds

Even the bedroom at the Singita Sweni Lodge provides a sense of being one with the natural world. There are six suites with glass walls presenting an unobstructed view of the fertile land. The interiors a blend of forest colors in earth tones, brown, and green. Displayed are woodwork, organic materials, luxurious beddings and pillows of different textures and patterns.

Private Bath Hidden Amongst the Trees

While bathing at the Singita Sweni Lodge you have a wonderful view of the African bush. The good news is exposure to an area where greenery surrounds you helps for better disposition.Imagine this awe inspiring scene while in the tub during your private time. It’s an uplifting environment that calms and restores the mind as well as the body.

Singita Sweni Lodge bathing
Singita Sweni Lodge safari walks

Safari Strolls in an Unfamiliar Territory

Walking outdoors simply lifts your spirit. Your eyes fixed on the thick foliage at Kruger National Park. The Singita Sweni Lodge offers guided safari walks. The unusual sights and scents from the forest will renew your focus and will keep you energized. You will be assisted by a professional guide and tracker. Uncover the secrets of the wilderness up close.

The Animals Wandering Along the Riverine Lodge

The Singita Sweni is just beside the river… see how close it is. Animals wander around the site so you can watch these fascinating creatures drink or wallow from the lodge. Kruger National Park is distinguished for its thriving wildlife particularly for the prides of Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Hippopotamus, Sable, Cheetah and Buffalo living in the 33,000 acre reserve.

Singita Sweni river
Living areas Singita Sweni Lodge

At Home in the Singita Sweni Lodge

Living areas at the Singita Sweni Lodge echoes the immaculate scenery outside. Although its design illustrates the elements of nature, contemporary features are also integrated to ensure comfort and convenience. Staying in the wilderness doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice creature comforts. You do not have to worry about anything for the house staff will make you feel at home.

A Safari Home by the Sweni River

You’re welcome to stay at the Singita Sweni Lodge any time of the year. Game drives, stargazing safaris, mountain bike rides, archery lessons are offered. The months from April to October is the ideal season for game viewing. You are sure to be exhilarated and captivated by its exotic charm, have a clearer picture of what transpires in the wilderness.

Safari Home Sweni River

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 24 Feb  2016