What Draws Me to La Residence at Franschhoek in South Africa

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 17 Mar 2016

La Residence Estate

The La Residence Estate is an Exclusive Franschhoek Luxury Hotel

The magnificent La Residence is an exclusive sanctuary you will discover in the lowlands of Franschhoek in South Africa. A haven with a spectacular view of the mountains, this private luxury hotel in the heart of the valley is an estate with 30 acres of land. And from Cape Town it will just take an hour’s drive to get there.

A Beautiful Sculpture, the Grand Entrance and Incredible Setting

Once you are at the La Residence’s grand entrance you are greeted by a gorgeous sculpture by celebrated sculptor Dylan Lewis. The statue, which is known as “Trans-figure IX,” is strategically positioned at the centre where behind it is the entry way to the front hall. As if that’s not enough you have the impressive Franschhoek Mountains at the background.

La Residence’s grand entrance
Hall La Residence

Luxurious Great Hall at La Residence Where Guests Dine and Relax

The Great Hall at this Franschhoek luxury hotel exhibits sophistication and class. This is where guests enjoy their meals and have a drink. Indian chandeliers hang from the ceiling and checkered tiles are on the floor. It has a vaulted ceiling and on the walls are huge dramatic mirrors. The exquisite corner tables and antiques also add to its grandeur.

Glamorous Lounge Area at the Hotel with Remarkable Pieces of Art

This lounge area is situated in the Great Hall and is evidence of luxurious living at the La Residence. Setting foot at this section of the hotel you will find contentment while surrounded with opulence. The living space includes a fireplace and on the walls are original artworks. The room has antique furniture and on display are fascinating objets d’art.

Lounge Area Residence La
Designed Rooms La Residence

La Residence and the Opulence of the Meticulously Designed Rooms

Staying at La Residence in Franschhoek you can choose from its Vineyard Suites, Superior or Luxury Rooms. Each individually designed and influenced by various cultures that makes it aesthetically unique. The Vineyard Suite 3 is an exquisite room with an en suite bathroom, elegant furniture in jewel tones and extravagant fabrics along with works of art and refined accent pieces.

The Exceptional Pieces Featured in the Bathrooms at La Residence

As it turns out there are interesting pieces not just in the living areas of the La Residence. Even in the bathroom there are eye-catching furnishings that will get your attention. For instance, the checkered basin cabinets in this washroom are both quirky accent furniture that makes the room more attractive. Even as you bathe you’re still surrounded with luxury.

La Residence Bathrooms
Pool La Residence

A Pool with a Panorama of the Enchanting Garden by the Mountains

The pool at the La Residence has a magnificent view of the beautiful gardens that is close to the scenic mountains in Franschhoek Valley. When you stop and think about it living in the wine country allows you to enjoy wide open spaces. Take your time relaxing in the pool in this peaceful setting with fresh air surrounded by greenery.

The Luxury of a Sanctuary in the Cape Winelands of South Africa

The La Residence in Franschhoek is a terrific sanctuary where you’ll have a wonderful time exploring the property. With vineyards plus the herb garden and the plum orchards, you will absolutely take pleasure just by walking around the estate. This luxury hotel in the Cape Winelands is the ideal mountainside retreat for couples, group of friends and the whole family.

Cape Winelands South Africa

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 17 Mar 2016