Nick Ray Ball – 34 Years of Code

Nick Ray Ball - 34 Years of Code

Nick Ray Ball – 34 years of code.

Nick Ray Ball – Web Designer, Developer & Systems Architect

By Krissy Cabrera 11th March 2016

First programmed code at age 11. Develops world’s first Flash Virtual Tour in 2002. Started System Architecture on the S-World & Villa Secrets Software Framework in 2011


  • Born in Belgravia, Westminster, London in 1971
  • First programmed code at age 11 using a ZX Spectrum to play ‘Happy Birthday’ for his mother
  • Purchased music sequencing computer in 1987 spent 5 years learning then mastering the music networks and sequencing software.
  • 1992 to 1999 worked professionally as a CuBass music network programmer, over 30 commercial releases, founded two record companies. Nick’s penultimate release was UK Radio 1 single of the week and featured on the FIFA 2000 computer game. Nick’s last solo release went straight to No1 in DJ MAG Chart.
  • 1999 swooped music for the web design and Desk Top Publishing
  • 1999 Visited Cape Town, bought apartment, decided to emigrate
  • 2000 Create Cape Go web design company, started to master the creation of a Virtual Tour using Macromedia Flash
  • 2001 became an avid reader of ‘Search Engine News’ and applied research to websites
  • 2002 Created world’s first Virtual Tour in Flash, 4 years before Google created their product Street View, and launched using the Technology and applied the SEO and created a disruptive start up
  • 2002 to 2004 Cape Villas makes more money that the web design company, so development focus becomes Cape Villas.
  • 2005 Cape Villas creates Property Management System and leads the market for the next five years
  • In 2008 Nick Ray Ball designs and created the Cape Villas magazine purely in Photoshop. 22,000 were distributed with Conde Nast Traveller and it was a great success all round. This began the concept of creating an online magazine a process that was started in February 2016.