Villa Secrets Systems & Software Framework

By Nick Ray Ball 13th March 2016

Pictured above, we see the system architecture for S-World Networks System Core.

We are currently working on the first component, the Villa Secrets Software Framework.

Presented as four separate components. Magic Keywords, VS Mobile, Magic Menus & The Divergent CRM

For more on the PQS see ‘Nick Ray Ball – String Theory, Networks and Networking.
‘We build the products that we want to use ourselves’, Bill gates see: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview.

After 8 years struggling with systems not compatible with the villa rental industry, and in particular financial systems Nick ray Ball created a development plan for software that would revolutionise the industry.

It started in 2011 with a networking plan for Virgin Group that included, a multi website system, interlinked to GDS’s and PMS to provide inventory, a customer orientated CRM, that went as far as sending presents to previous clients. All tied together with automated financial software that was error free and provided perfect management accounts and forecasts for managers and CEO’s.