Value of Cape Town Luxury Villas Website and Supporting Systems

On this page we see a series of videos that performs due diligence on the $167,000 to $189,000 estimate of the asset value of the Cape Town Luxury Villas website. We assess the value in two sections, first web development which took 1,673 hours and is valued at $95,000 and secondly the supporting technologies and organic search engine position which is valued at $94,000

(Note the value of the website and supporting systems changes during the series of videos, in particular the value attributed to free Google searches which rose after seeing that 28% of enquiries were free from Google searches)

As a prequel we present a blog page about the history of web designer and system architect Nick Ray Ball entitled Nick Ray Ball – 34 years of code.

1.Introduction to the cost for development of Cape Town Luxury Villas

Cape Town Luxury Villas began in 2013 .With the same framework used by along with extensive research and development, Cape Town Luxury Villas website was completed by 2014. Our senior programmer is Zend certified. We look at 47 different aspects of its design and asset value. This is shown in the following sections: (UI) User Interface, (CMS) Content Management System, Web Technology & Software Framework including system architecture, design, and project management. Expansions in 2015 deployed in 2016 plus Items that add value to Cape Town Luxury Villas website.

2. The UI (User interface), what clients and Google see.

The (UI) User Interface otherwise called the front end gives the viewer the advantage of ready information at a click of a button. Specifically shown are essential data that is instantly on view upon reaching the Cape Town Luxury Villas website. This includes the logo, header, footer, home and search pages, galleries within the navigation, the navigation with more options dropdown. Not only that but with visuals of the villas/product pages and display of other villas within the vicinity. It also shows the XML sitemap and the about us pages.

3. The CMS – Content Management System

The core of the Cape Town Luxury Villas website is the CMS or Content Management System. It stores and organizes important information on the Cape Town Luxury Villas website. Extra effort was given to collect the data and images entered in the system. It offers the benefits of an automated menu that classifies each file. The CMS includes options such as Villa Search, adding villas’ general details, photos, prices, Google maps positioning, availability, sub menu creation, navigation system creation, the key word phrase organiser & an address book for safaris.

4. Web Technology – Software – Software Framework

CMS applications and software system built into the fabric of Cape Town Luxury help increase search engine positions. This drives and generates more traffic to the website. What sets it apart is it provides updated information through its API connection to Razor/MyBookingPal, an enquiry system with CRM (Customer Relationship management) functionality. What’s more it has an attractive and fun favourites system, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) auto generated meta title, description and H1 headers which interacts with an attributes system that assigns points and preferred position rules to each villa.

5. Other Items including, system architecture, design and project management

The Cape Town Luxury Villas website is consistently evolving to provide up to date information and an efficient database. In the course of development certain factors were taken into account such as concept formation, technology adaptation and features modification. All these are aimed to make site viewing easy and effortless. With considerable time and thought process all these aspects were carefully looked into. This along with stabilization& bug fixing, experiments, systems architecture, web & graphic design, project management, client liaison, info pages & the expandable framework made all the difference.

6. New developments developed in 2015 deployed in 2016

The constant growth and expansion of Cape Town Luxury Villas paved way for new developments devised in 2015 and added in 2016. AdRoll ads, WordPress blogsite integrated into Cape Town Luxury Villas marked the beginning of a significant marketing strategy hence increasing links and visitors. Blogs, Social Networks that automatically add posts upon blog creation is made functional. Also in the works is the inclusion of a new footer of Cape Town Luxury Villas affiliations to ASTA and PRS, an addition to the home page and new about us pages.

7. Items that add value to the Cape Town Luxury Villas website

The following components even add more value to the Cape Town Luxury Villas website. With as the starting point is in itself an advantage because of a system architect/ webmaster knowing the industry first hand. Presenting SEO applications, supporting technologies and organic search engine placement seen through Google Analytics. Plus it has a database with over a thousand villas in its automated menu. Also considered are brand awareness, data inputting, and the significance of the Google AdWords campaign putting Cape Town Luxury Villas in the all-important top three positions.