Nick Ray Ball – Marketing & Branding


Nick Ray Ball – Marketing & Branding

By Krissy Cabrera 12th March 2016

First mastered SEO in 2001,  PPC Advertising in 2002, Affiliate Marketing in 2005, Content Marketing in 2008 & Branding in 2009. Now all are used collectively.

To date the most financially successful marketing endeavour undertaken has been the creation on Cape Town Luxury Cape Villas made a greater income, but this was created over time within a high service cost model. On the Other Hand, Cape Town Luxury (on its second release) was instantly successful and had a far more economic model.

Since 2009 Nick Ray Ball has focused on complex marketing strategies, entangling such strategies into the design of the S-World and Villa Secrets Network.

The marketing behind Cape Town Luxury was SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC Marketing in the form of Google AdWords. Of which SEO & SEM accounts for 25% of enquiries and PPC accounts for 65%