Index for the Villa Secrets Software Framework


Index for the Villa Secrets Software Framework

Pictured above, we see the system architecture for S-World Networks System Core.
We are currently working on the first component, the Villa Secrets Software Framework.

Presented as four separate components. Magic Keywords, VS Mobile, Magic Menus & The Divergent CRM


  1. Magic Keywords, White Hat SEO Software
    Due to the ‘Magic Keywords’ software, despite having no links or local SEO, Cape Town Luxury Villas gets a considerable amount of free organic traffic from Google and Bing for long keyword searches, bringing in 25% of enquiries.
  2. Villa Secrets JQuery Mobile Website
    VS Mobile is a stunning mobile website, that looks and functions like an App, created on the words most stable mobile platform JQuery Mobile.
    This project is 75% complete.
    When complete, the cost for adding VS Mobile to Cape Town Luxury Villas is $8,700.
  3. Magic Menus | Super Intelligent XML Sitemap | CMS Logic
    Magic Menus is a system to improve product ordering and display, incorporates a next generation XML Sitemap. Programmed using a system unique to Villa Secrets ‘CMS Logic™.’
  4. The Divergent CRM The future of Consumer Relationship Management
    Presenting over four hours of Video on the plans on for multi-purpose marketing and efficiency software, the Divergent CRM, the future in Consumer Relationship Management
  5. Development Cost of Divergent CRM and other VSF Software Updates
    This page presents a spreadsheet that shows the 93 different components within the Villa Secrets software, which when combined increase profits by 400% over three years.
  6. Cost of VSF Software and Updates for Cape Town Luxury Villas
    ‘For Cape Town Luxury the cost of the Villa Secrets Frameworks Software: Magic Menus, VS Mobile & the Divergent CRM will cost $229,000, which is less than 8% of its development cost.’

Cape Town Luxury Villas – Index and Summary


Cape Town Luxury Villas – Index and Summary

By Nick Ray Ball 17th March 2016

Cape Town Luxury Villas is an OTA (On-line Travel Agent) specialising in hi end vacation rentals in Cape Town, South Africa.

The business has done well , launched in March 2014, by 2015, in its first full year of trading it created turnover of $650,000, beating its parent website Cape , which has been trading since 2002. Generating Share Holder profit for 2 directors of $72,000

The perfect formula for any franchise or outright purchaser, a business that can be taken over without concern about the effects of the CEO’s direct influence. Indeed  this has been grooved twice, as since Feb 2016 a new management team have taken over and to date the new team are doubling both turnover and profit.


However, so far, we only have half the story, as the software and systems that have been specified and are in the development queue, VS Mobile, Magic Menus and the 93 profit increasing features within the Divergent CRM are reasonably presented as able to increase profits by 400 over 3 years.


Be it as a franchise or a independent company with access to the software updates, the future for Cape Town Luxury is very bright indeed.


When considering the above, one needs to understand the non profit – reinvest into technological development model of Villa Secrets. As the Villa Secrets network is a prototype for a the S-World network described within ‘The Theory of Every Business’ All franchisee fees are spent on development. The bigger the network, the more development and the more development the greater advantages the individual companies within enjoy.




  1. Brief History of Nick Ray Ball and Cape
    As Cape Town Luxury Villas , was created from the website and includes it’s sizeable portfolio of properties, Cape Villas history and the history of Cape Town Luxury Villas developer Nick Ray Ball are relevant.
  2. Introduction
    Development stared in February 2013, at first a complete copy of Cape was created. After which every line of code was re written according to Googles SEO guide, which included making the software ‘Magic Keywords’ a new Content Management System and a much improved product display.
    After a year of work, including a API link to the Razor Property Management System, an up to date and more attractive version of the website was created, which became an instant success when launched in March 2014
  3. Asset Value of the CTLV Website and Supporting Systems
    Web development took 1,673 hours which is valued at $95,000.
    The portfolio of villas in Cape Town, (which is now the largest of any agency), the supporting technologies, organic search engine position and the use of Cape as a staring point is valued at $94,000
  4. Financials and Management Accounts
    This page presents Cape Town Luxury Villas 2015 financials and 2016 management accounts.
    In 2015 Cape Town Luxury Villas recorded an income of $650,000, with Share Holder profit for 2 directors of $72,000. So far in 2016 figures are greater.
  5. 10 points to consider when selling a business
    Be it as a franchise or outright, Villa Secrets is considering selling Cape Town Luxury Villas. This page looks at 10 considerations by Aldes Atlantic Cape Town. are the leading business brokers in South Africa.
  6. 10 Ways to Maximize the Value of your Business
    On this page consider we consider and answer the points made on webpage:’10 Ways to maximize the value of your business‘ by Aldes Atlantic business brokers.
  7. Strategic Growth Plan for Cape Town Luxury Villas
    Considers content marketing, mandates, networking and the benefits of using the future Villa Secrets software, which can increase profit by 400% in three years
  8. 10 Advantages for Members of the Villa Secrets Network
    During the creation of the Strategic Growth Plan, it became clear that most profitable path for Cape Town Luxury Villas was to remain a part of the Villa Secrets Network. As a franchise receiving software updates for free, or a non-fee paying member, paying a pre arranged cost for all software updates.
    However their are more advantages to membership of Villas Secrets that software, 10 are presented on this page, to be elaborated upon at a later date.
  9. Pricing and Valuations
    On this page we consider different valuation methods. Which range from $117,000 to $791,000.We consider selling the business as a Villa Secrets franchise, including all software updates for $117,000. Or as an independent business without updates for $260,000

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Earlier Cape Town Luxury Villas Summary and Index

Brief History of Nick Ray Ball and Cape

Brief History of Nick Ray Ball and Cape

1971 to 2013

As Cape Town Luxury Villas , was created from the website and includes it’s sizeable portfolio of properties, Cape Villas history and the history of Cape Town Luxury Villas developer Nick Ray Ball are relevant.


Born in Belgravia, London in 1971, Nick Ray Ball a Cubase network programmer by trade, emigrated to Cape Town and started developing websites in 1999. By 2002 he developed the world’s first Virtual Tour in Adobe Flash and used the technology to create a commercial website

In 2004 Cape recorded significant income, and Nick Ray swopped hats from web developer to operational CEO. By 2007 Cape Villas became the undisputed market leader and had the largest portfolio of villas in Cape Town.


However, by 2011 the lack an efficient CRM or financial systems became a source of great frustration to Nick Ray.

So in 2011 Nick Ray decided to return to his programming roots and made plans to design a superior website framework, with integrated software that would gain momentum in Cape Town and set the groundwork for a global villas network, called ‘Villa Secrets

But before starting on the actual development, a very detailed business development plan was created on the websites: & American Butterfly.

More on the History of Nick Ray Ball and Cape Villas

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From CEO to Systems Architect
34 Years of Code
Villa Adventures
Marketing and Branding
String Theory & Networks and Networking

Index and Summary


Index and Summary

Villa Secrets Business Development & Software Framework
For Cape Town Luxury

By Nick Ray Ball 14th March 2016

Presented in meticulous detail over 19 pages, including many videos on specifics. However for speedy reading each page has as a headline and a short description, as seen below.