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Villa Secrets Executive Summary – Business Plan in June 2015

By Nick Ray Ball

Villa Secrets Ltd, S-World, American Butterfly, all websites, web domains and business plans presented are solely owned by Nick Ray Ball. This journey began in 2000 with the purchase of The ‘eureka’ movement was in 2010 after creating an individually branded duplicate website for Sotheby’s Realty, in exchange for revenue share. It was considered: “If we create re designed, individually branded copies of including a powerful software framework connected to PMS’s and GDS’s. We could create affiliate partnerships with villa rental companies and estate agencies across the world and have hands on representation in every corner of the planet.”

Now, with five years of planning, two successful prototypes and three books written on developing the software framework and creating networks, is developing strengths in six specific areas.

  1. Custer Service; For each dollar we spend on sales staff, we shall spend eight on customer service, each villa will be visited, officially graded and reviewed. Villa Secrets network clients will enjoy 24/7 first world customer service and our ombudsman division will police the entire luxury villa industry. All websites created will be protected against financial failure and will be members of ASTAABTA, ATOL and other industry regulators.
  2. Marketing Platform; A massive 20% of each company’s turnover is dedicated for marketing. Buying the No1 spot on Google and leaving plenty of change for additional marketing options from our platform.
  3. Web and Software Framework; There are many web frameworks, but none are specific to the luxury villas market. From content management suites to financial software solutions, sales tools and reservation systems. The Villa Secrets framework design details over 40 separate components, many of which dovetail as marketing applications.
  4. Websites and Mobile Applications; We have been creating websites for villas for 15 years; currently we are developing a mobile application. When complete we shall re design the website a thousand times and combine it with our framework. In terms of individual attention, our products are engineered in India at a tenth of the cost of any western web development/design company.
  5. Villas Cloud PMS & Chanel Distribution System; At best 15% of the world’s luxury villas are on booking systems that pay enough commission to warrant our partners championing the consumer. Villas and its stalemates Villa, Luxury and Villas are the front end of a PMS and channel distribution system in conception, designed specifically to assist Villa Secrets companies recruit their local portfolios of villas onto our system and maximise distribution.
  6. Global Network development; From 2011 to 2013 we focused specifically of the creation of the global network and the consideration of how to develop the network into other industries, the websites and are dedicated to global network development.

We are currently at a junction that will see us either start creating our first PMS product or connect with Vacation Roost PMS, we will start to develop Villa Secrets internationally towards the end of this year. However our ambition is to gain the necessary investment to speed up development and network growth. In March 2014 we created the first prototype CTLV which paid $18,500 (25% of its turnover) to Villa Secrets. We have modestly considered the effects of the improved framework and items like ABTA and ATOL membership and for a $12,000,000 investment in our team we expect to the following returns and network growth, generating $943 million dollars in dividend profit over 10 years

Villa Secrets 10 Year Financial Forecast 1.01 Before Law of Diminishing Returns

We desire Villa Secrets to be 50% owned by the leading brands and innovators in the vacation rental industry and 25% owned by Virgin Group. A $4 million investment returns $235 million in 10 years. The spreadsheet system is provided.

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